Summer Makeup For Lazy Days

Summer is here, it is sweaty and so hot that I can't deal with anything at the moment! But I'm still not confident enough to wear no makeup when I go outside. So I've put together an easy and quick makeup look for those lazy girls like me that want to look put together even if is 30 degrees outside and it feels like you're melting in the sun! 

Simple Ways To Refresh Your Desk Space

I'm one of that type of person that change ideas every thirty minutes, especially when we are talking about interior and homeware. There's nothing I can do to stop my self, renewing a space, even not necessary buying something new, make me in such a good mood! More focused and inspired to actually get things done, for both blog and life. 

How To Keep Your Makeup Collection Organized

I don't have a huge collection of makeup products, however I collected a lot along those years. I love makeup, it is something that really fills my soul. Right after my Spring declutter and drawers rotation, I have thrown away so many products, due to the expiring date or the fact that I had a sentimental attachment to them. I came to a point were I want to be aware of what actually is in my collection and get the most use out of them!