Home Decor On A Budget | A Geometric Jewelry Box

I've being trying to save as much as possible in this last period. I'm pushing myself not to spend on things unnecessary, thinking a lot before get something I could regret the next day. Do I really need it in my life? Do I have something similar? Why is a necessity and where I'm going to place/wear this item? Seems a little bit odd, but for me has became an everyday practice. 

Federica Mattioli
Life Lately

After a June full of blogging and work stuff, I've taken a few days off. 'Weeks' it's definitely more appropriate! Now I'm back full of energy and vibrant ideas. How has been your Summer so far? Here in Italy is boiling hot, and even if I sound weird writing it, I couldn't wait for Autumn more this year!

A Feminine Off Shoulder Top To Style This Summer

One of my favourite trend this year has definitely been the 'off the shoulder' fever. At first I was a little bit scared, will this type of dresses and tops suit me well? I found this top a few weeks ago, while I was browsing through Stradivarius for some Summer holiday boho skirts hunting. When suddenly I came across this lovely lace and striped patterned off shoulder top.

Summer Makeup For Lazy Days

Summer is here, it is sweaty and so hot that I can't deal with anything at the moment! But I'm still not confident enough to wear no makeup when I go outside. So I've put together an easy and quick makeup look for those lazy girls like me that want to look put together even if is 30 degrees outside and it feels like you're melting in the sun! 

Simple Ways To Refresh Your Desk Space

I'm one of that type of person that change ideas every thirty minutes, especially when we are talking about interior and homeware. There's nothing I can do to stop my self, renewing a space, even not necessary buying something new, make me in such a good mood! More focused and inspired to actually get things done, for both blog and life.